Visions and Values

We believe that the essentials of our vision should be possible to explain in every day language, that is easy to understand and remember.   Jesus commissioned His followers to do what he had modelled for them: ‘make disciples’ and continue extending His Kingdom on Earth.   ‘Church’ is expressed when and where Christians gather to support one another and in our daily lives as we seek to serve The Lord Jesus Christ.  We don’t believe, ‘Church is an end in itself’!

Our Core Values are:

1. Unity, i.e supporting and promoting this among the churches of Plymouth and beyond.

2. The City, i.e our existence should be supportive of the city and the ministries that exist within Plymouth.

3. Worship, i.e giving ourselves to a life of worship to the Lord Jesus Christ believing this will best impact the city and the other Core Values.

4. Serving the Poor, i.e. individually and corporately, assisting and advocating with and for them.

Christian Churches across the world have a set of universal beliefs which are included in the “Nicene Creed“.