Social Projects


We take monthly food offerings to support this initiative, and some members help on a volunteer basis. For more information click here


There are people in our fellowship who commit themselves to fostering children.  This gives a home love and security to children and youngsters who have previously found things difficult.

For more info click here for Plymouth City Council Adoption and Fostering.

Hospital Bed / Wheelchair Pushing

Some of our members volunteer to help patients to the Hospital Chapel for the Sunday Service.  They do this by bed pushing or wheel chair pushing patients who otherwise would not be able to attend the service.

This is done under the oversight of the Plymouth Hospitals Pastoral and Spiritual Care Chaplaincy.

For more information click here

Shoe Boxes

A lady in our fellowship has a heart for and a valuable ministry with shoe boxes. For Christmas she carefully chooses and fills boxes with gifts suitable for young people 2 to 18 years old.

The boxes are distributed to needy children in Plymouth via The Food Bank and some are sent abroad with Samaritans Purse.